Over the years, the FMCG sector has witnessed continuous growth due to the evolving lifestyle, and increased demand and supply of products as well as services. The present scenario demands paying more attention to the following aspects:

Faster delivery
Organized storage
Stable flow of goods

Firms in the FMCG industry face innumerous challenges in logistics management. Some of these include strict deadlines, constantly rising stock levels, security concerns, traceability, and more. Those working in the sector are expected to primarily depend on logistic hubs and new warehouses which enhance accessibility and help cater to the demands on time. Hence, improving and bringing innovation into the supply chain becomes imperative. LG FMCG takes pride in being one of the best companies in this industry. We anticipate our customer’s needs, utilize our skilled team and provide you with the most efficient products and services. Be it for import or export, we prioritize the safety and security of our products; thanks to the efforts of our dedicated workforce. Our state-of-the-art facility, located in Al-Qusais Industrial Area 5, Dubai has a covered area of 11,750+ pallets with eight independent temperature-controlled chambers. Further, to guarantee product integrity throughout the supply chain, we provide temperature-controlled transportation. Our modern and technically advanced storage facility has designated places for frozen & chilled food items, dry & canned food items and non-food items. With all the cutting-edge features, there is no need to be worried when you choose us!